Services offered by Excession Events include:

Excession Events helps manufacturers, distributors and resellers with sales and marketing strategies to compete in the complex and fast evolving Unified Communications market .

Our consulting concentrates on a number of areas: Sales and Marketing strategies; Building and leveraging the user community; Competitive analysis and Business process engineering/re-engineering to name a few If your exact requirements do not fit into our listed offerings, please contact us and we can evaluate if there is a fit for our services and your needs..

Sales Strategy -  From Boxes to the Cloud

With the fundamental change in way clients buy, and companies sell technology, brought about by the SaaS revolution, a new sales model is needed. Many manufacturers have considered the technical aspects of these fundamental changes but not the affects on their business partners and the clients.

Simon’s experiences with over 25 years in technology sales and his work going through this very transition at the heart of innovation has equipped him help businesses.


1000 True Fans

In the modern era the idea of businesses spreading the word about their own businesses has become a non scaling answer. Businesses need to help generate a group of highly motivated fans, able to spread the word and propagate the company's narrative. Clients by nature are distrustful of your sales organization, but gravitate toward delighted motivated clients.

Simon’s experience as the founder of the AVusergroup, and as the Video Evangelist puts him in a unique position to help clients benefit from building the 1000 true fans.

Competitive analysis

As the market changes and a huge range of new competitors join the market the competitive market becomes ever more elaborate. Keeping up with trends, and independently analysing the market is increasingly difficult, particularly manufacturers.

Simon’s 25 years in the Video Conferencing industry in Engineering (2x Patents), Product Marketing, Product Management, Sales and marketing has equipped him to look both at the technology and business models of existing, as well as new entrants to the market.



The ability to reach clients and partners at the very earliest stages of their buying journey is becoming ever more important. Technologies such as podcasting can equip clients with a wealth of knowledge in a zero pressure environment in which they are entertained and educated about a market or technology.

Simon writes, produces, edits and presents the Excession Events Podcast with an audience of over 5000 per month. He also produces Podcasts for a range of other clients. This is an extremely powerful way to connect with an audience.

 TheUCCShow is an example of Excession Events production working with Ingram Micro

To discuss getting involved in any of these programs please get in touch and we can discuss the opportunities and details.


Webinars are a powerful way to engage with large groups of potential clients at an early stage of a buying cycle. The problem is most webinars are dull. Simon had proven to be a well respected and extremely popular Webinar host. Either acting as the moderator or as the subject matter expert. The average webinar loses half its audience by the 20 minute mark, and engagement is typically extremely low. Simon has proven to be able to maintain over 95% of his audience for the complete webinar including questions and answers.

Excession Events can provide a complete webinar service offering for clients. Empowering them to reach their clients from 50 to 5000 with a well delivered single or series of webinars.

Numerous examples of Simon's work exists, including this Webinar he did for AVI-SPL


Clients are looking for independent advice and background research on technology and business. With over 35,000 readers of Linkedin Articles and regular pieces in Wired Magazine Simon is in a good position to help businesses get exposure for a new product or business idea.

As well as the extensive range of articles published on Linkedin and his Blog, Simon has also been a regular contributor to publications such as TechTarget.

Keynote Speaker

Keynote speaking is an incredibly powerful way to influence, inspire and affect a large group of people quickly and cost effectively. Whether speaking to 50 or 500 people the cost of influencing people is far far lower, and the affect much faster, than sending individuals out to attempt to influence people. Many companies put the most senior person they can find onto the stage irrespective of ability. They may well be fantastic at their job, but the ability to motivate a group is a very specific skill.

Simon has been a Keynote speaker hundreds of times and knows how to entertain and enlighten a group simultaneously.

Master of Ceremonies

Successful events need strong, charismatic leadership, able to control both the presenters and audience is a fun but firm manner. Many organizations put too little emphasis on the MC role, with the result that dull speakers are allowed to lose the audience and agendas destroyed by over running presenters. Most companies benefit from a skilled MC partly because an independent voice gains more respect from the presenters and partly because they can concentrate on running the day, rather than deal with a thousand distractions.

Simon is a consummate MC, with a wealth of experience in the world of herding the cats into a cohesive whole.

Media training

The importance of senior managers to not only produce a gaff free, but polished, performance for the media increases each year. Senior executives need to be able to explain clearly and concisely the company's message in a range of media’s. As a result media training becomes vital. PR agencies often offer this type of service but are strongly biased toward damage control and saying as little as possible. The Excession Events approach is to grab the opportunity and use it to it’s full advantage. One has to be careful with a potentially hostile press, but there is also a golden opportunity to use the media is a constructive way to propagate your narrative.

Sales training

The sales model in the Video Conferencing and Unified Communications space is being fundamentally changed by the advent of SaaS based business models. This is a huge opportunity for the channel and manufacturers, but it is also not without risk. The transition from the hardware to a services based business is redefining the role of sales. This course is designed to empower sales professionals and management to benefit from this huge opportunity, while having a broad understanding of the issues, opportunities and pitfalls of this new world. Participants will learn the differences between, public, public, and hybrid models, what cloud is NOT, the various financial options, and where VCaaS is in the business adoption cycle.

For full details on the Excession Events training programs please contact us for more detail.