Robot attempts to kill author, misses, destroys Google by mistake

Recently I was contacted by Fred Zimmerman of PageKicker, a nice man who told me he had read my book “The End of Certainty”, that I was absolutely right that machine intelligence will replace lots of jobs in the future and that in fact I had just been replaced by Phil 73, an AI (Artificial Intelligence application) able to write a book in under a minute.

Undivided attention

Needless to say after that last statement Fred had my undivided attention while I surreptitiously checked Google to see if he was known to the authorities as a dangerous lunatic. After discovering that Fred is in fact a well respected Author, technologist, attorney, and publisher I felt simultaneously more relaxed about my immediate future and more discombobulated about the long term one.

Wild Claims

Fred made wild claims. An AI capable of writing a book in under a minute is by any measure an incredible. I of course had to investigate. I created a book by typing in some search terms. My topic? AI, and what happens when work goes away. Approximately 20 minutes* later I was reading the “What to do when work goes away”.

*Fred informs me the time will drop dramatically as more resources come on line.

It was pretty decent. Phil 73 had pulled together a great deal of information and put it into a readable, if somewhat disjointed format. This wasn’t a book with a narrative, there were no real conclusions. It was more like a synopsis of a lot of data into a fairly digestible form.

I suddenly felt better about myself, this wasn’t going to replace professional writers. Well not any time soon. But what it did do is make  me realise that I might be witnessing the very beginning of the technology that will replace Google.

The future of Search

Most people doing research on a topic type words they think might be associated with a topic in an attempt to get Google to spit back some sort of sensible answer. I for one often find myself with 20 tabs open on my browser, all with a titbit or two of useful information. It’s a messy process and lends itself to misleading data being pulled from multiple sources. For someone doing research It is sub optimal.

Pagekicker solves this.  I type in my “search criteria” and it  and it goes away, “thinks” about the answer, pulls all the data together it can and presents it in a readable and coherent manner. For anyone doing research it’s fantastic. Over dinner that night with my family I told my two high school sons about the project. Their eyes lit up like Christmas trees. I suddenly realised this was a high school term paper maker. I declined to give them the web address, and just hope they don’t read their old man’s blog.

I think the days of Google presenting a website, or news article that might have the answer to your question are over. Using Fred’s AI application shows a much more natural way of doing things. I don’t want a website, I want to be presented with something useful and readable, not simply a set of possible answers on 20 tabs.

Robot attempts to murder Author, misses, kills Google

So when I first met Fred I thought this guys going to changing writing and publishing, and that was a big deal, for me. Now I think he might just change the way everyone uses the Internet, and that’s a big deal for everyone

To see the original version of the book I created go here: The Future of Work