Why hire Simon for your next strategy conference?

The world is fundamentally changing.

In Simon’s talks and workshops you will learn, amongst much else:

  1. How organisational strategy needs to change from 10% better to 10x better
  2. Why many organisations learn to much from past success
  3. What to do to enable more creative thinking.
  4. When to change and when to stay put in a market.
  5. How great questions are better than good answers for both you and your clients.
  6. Why clients need change, and by helping them you become their trusted advisor, permanently.
  7. How succeeding today can cause you to fail in the future.
  8. Why and how facts erode over time.
  9. How what success looks like in a market can change overnight and make your proposition hugely valuable or worthless.
  10. Understand there is never a single winner. There is no end game.
  11. Why working harder is NEVER the right answer.

The audience will also be entertained with stories about a vast range of events and how they effect us today, from the introduction of automobiles, to the effect of bows and arrows on knights of the realm, to why the future never looks like it was going to.

Simon is a leading authority on the power of technology to change what success in business looks like. 

He helps business understand these changes, what the consequences might be, and how to take advantage of them.With over 25 years in the technology business, numerous Patents and a background in fields as diverse as Sales, Engineering, product marketing, brand marketing and design he brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to everything he does. 

He is Chief Contrarian of Excession Events, is a sought after public speaker, author, and regular Wired Magazine contributor. 

Every day what success looks like in business changes. Sometimes the changes are small, sometimes they are so big they change society. We all know this happens, but few of us have a plan for what to do when our industry or our career are utterly changed.

Business actually plans for a world in which change will continue to be linear, not for these seismic shocks, known as Excession Events. 

With over 25 years in sales and sales management he is a must see speaker. Simon will educate and entertain but above all he will make you question your existing ideas of how the world works, and how to be successful while what that even means is constantly redefined.